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Micro Savings

Micro Savings

Kisan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha serves following saving products to our clients

1. Group Saving

Group saving is a compulsory saving after involvement of center as a member. It is a saving product designed to make habit of regular saving  to members and encourage them create funds. A specified (not less than 100) amount has to be deposited by the member clients in their every center meetings as a group saving until they don’t leave center and Kisan will provide them attractive interest.

2. Personal Saving

Personal saving is the optional saving product offered to all the members. Any amount can be deposited under this saving product by the members in meeting or other office days. This product helps the members to improve their saving habit and can withdraw the amount in any center meetings or other days from office in office time, Attractive interest rate will facilitated to members.

3. Pension Saving

Pension Saving is  also a optional savings product but will be compulsory after starting deposit . Member can deposit a certain amount (not less then rs. 100) as their pension saving in their every center meeting. Member will get doubled amount of their deposit under this saving product after the completion of 15 years of their savings. But they can get their deposit with normal interest rate if they want to withdraw. The interest of this doubled amount will be provided to the members as the pension or the members can withdraw the whole amount. This product basically helps to have a certain amount of saving to the members at the time of their dependable age or saving will play the role of best support.

4. Insurance Saving

Insurance saving is a optional saving product offered to all the members. Amount can be defined as their insurance policy and insurance amount. Members can deposit amount after the calculation of their annual premium divided by 12 month. This product helps the member clients to make their life insured

5. Center Fund Saving

Center Fund saving is the  saving product offered to all the members as nominee saving account of all members of center. The amount can be defined by a center and the same amount should deposit by all members. This type of saving can be used in group work.

6. Upakar Fund Saving

Upakar Fund saving is the common saving product of a center. This type of product designed to deposit amount collected from penalties, fines & MIS incomes of the group. The amount can be defined by center and Amounts for penalties, fines etc can be defined by the center as their need. This type of saving is to make center well disciplined and collected deposit  can be used in group work.