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Micro Loans

Micro Loans

Non collateral loans

1. Simple Loan

After the Completion GRT of center, all members will eligible to submit the application for the simple loan. It is group-based loan without collateral. It is a loan product designed to promote small-scale entrepreneurship and courage them to earn more to the people of the deprived sector.

2. Seasonal Loan

After the repayment of few 6 of the second simple loan the member  who have strong credit and center discipline can  apply for the seasonal loan. It is provided as the support to the existing business of the members. After the loan utilization checks and the proper supervision of the existing business, the seasonal loan is disbursed to those member clients who are in need of extra financial support and to full fill needs of based on seasonal activities.

3. Non collateral project loan

This is also a non collateral based loan product designed for the clients to improve their running business. This loan specially designed to clients having registered farm or project

4. Sahuliyat Loan

Kisan designed a new loan to clients those need some extra efforts and supports for growing up as other clients of center.

5. Emergency Loan

A certain  amount can be disbursed to members in meeting or other days as the emergency loan. Members can apply for this loan in the case of emergency aroused due to natural disaster, accident, serious illness and other small basic needs. It is generally provided to members to help in emergencies.

6. Center fund Loan

We designed a loan product named ‘Center Fund Loan’ with the basis of center’s center fund amount. This product will be able to unite center and 

Collateral Loans

1. Collateral based Project Loan

Kisan designed collateral based loan those  can be disbursed as per as the need and necessity of member clients under the prescribed rules and regulation formulated by Nepal Rastra Bank.